Philadelphia Police Brutality Lawyers: Victims’ Families Can Sue

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The story is all too common. A person is suspected of a crime, has an encounter with police, which then results in tragedy. This scenario is happening in urban centers such as Philadelphia every day. Philadelphia police brutality lawyers know it is crucial for families of victims to understand their rights.

In one recent case in South Jersey, a man was suspected of a robbery. He allegedly fled on foot. When he encountered the police, he allegedly shot at them. The police returned fire and fatally wounded him. He died shortly thereafter in a local hospital.

The man’s family tells a different story. They state that he was not involved in any robbery and that he was celebrating at a birthday party right before he went to another apartment within in the apartment complex to pick up cigarettes. That was when he encountered police. Additionally, the family states the man was injured in a car accident a few years prior and therefore could not have fled on foot in the manner the police describe.

When the man was killed by police, he also suffered two broken wrists. The family still has not received any explanation as to why he suffered this injury in addition to the bullet wound.

Due to the lack of information, the man’s family feels as if they have no choice but to sue. The family can allege that their loved one’s constitutional rights were violated. They can claim that the police department was not trained adequately to avoid using improper force. Additionally, they can sue the Police Chief individually in his or her professional capacity. In this case, the family is seeking damages over $1 million.

A Call for Justice

Families must know that when their loved one is injured or killed at the hands of police, they have a right to know more about what transpired. That information can be uncovered during litigation. Suing the police department can help reveal the details of exactly what happened and whether there was a misuse of force. Additionally, families can seek compensation for any monetary loss or emotional trauma they suffered as a result of the loss of their loved one. A trial before a jury can ensure that the issues are adequately explained in court.

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