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Courtrooms, police cars and jail cells make for dramatic television but for those actually charged with a crime, the drama is painfully real. A criminal defendant stands to lose everything – from their financial security to their freedom. With so much on the line, place your future in the hands of the experienced Philadelphia criminal lawyers of Patrick G. Geckle LLC. Drawing upon our extensive understanding of all facets of criminal law, we will fight tirelessly to ensure a favorable outcome for you, our client.

Consult with an Attorney before Complying With Police Requests

A criminal case can proceed in state or federal court, but long before a defendant ever faces a judge or jury, he or she could be in need of legal representation. Suspects wanted for questioning or whose premises police would like to search should think twice before blindly complying with law enforcement. A Philadelphia criminal lawyer will offer sound advice on how best to proceed, working to eliminate the likelihood that you will face criminal charges or – at the very least – improve your chances at trial.

To that end, police must adhere to strict guidelines and procedures when building their case. Before engaging in an interrogation, an officer must inform a suspect of their right to an attorney, as well as their right to remain silent. An officer may not plant evidence, nor coerce a suspect into committing a crime. Should law enforcement fail to fulfill these professional obligations and follow the letter of the law, a defendant can evade charges altogether.

Defenses and Trial Strategy Matter

Once it becomes apparent; however, that trial is imminent, a qualified Philadelphia criminal lawyer can shift their focus to providing the best defense available. For some criminal defendants, the ability to establish an alibi is all it takes to obtain an acquittal. In other cases, the question of guilt is a considerably closer call. All defendants are presumed innocent, and a judge or jury may convict only when there is no reasonable doubt that a defendant has committed the crime they stand accused of. This burden is incredibly high.

Yet in other circumstances, a defendant can prevail even with a full admission of guilt. When a crime is committed in self-defense, such as when an abused spouse shoots and kills his or her abuser, courts must make a determination of whether the defendant was in immediate harm, whether the action taken was reasonable and whether the victim or defendant was the aggressor in the altercation. A defendant who is mentally ill is also entitled to certain protections under the law, as long as it can be established that the defendant was incapable of controlling their behavior and understanding right from wrong.

Philadelphia Criminal Lawyers at Law Offices of Patrick G. Geckle LLC Provide Comprehensive Representation in Criminal Cases

When you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, violent crime charges, non-violent crimes,or have already been charged with a crime, do not gamble on what comes next. Philadelphia criminal lawyers at Patrick G. Geckle LLC have the knowledge and experience you need. We represent clients at all stages of a criminal case – from the initial police interview through trial and even in appellate courts, if necessary.

Our practice provides criminal defense representation in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Chester County, Montgomery County and Delaware County in cases involving charges of drug possession, driving under the influence, weapons offenses, sexual assault, murder, juvenile crimes and more. Whether you are facing probation or a lengthy prison sentence, our Philadelphia criminal lawyers can help. Call 215-735-3326 or toll-free at 800-555-7780, or contact us online today to schedule your free consultation at our offices in Philadelphia.