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More Than Freedom on the Line for Sex Crime Defendants

Facing criminal charges is always daunting, but some crimes carry harsher consequences than others. A conviction for insurance fraud or simple assault must be disclosed when applying for a job or residential lease. Although such crimes will continue to impact the lives of a defendant after their time is served, they pale in comparison to the impact of a conviction for a sex crime. When accused of a sex crime the charges should be taken seriously, Philadelphia criminal lawyers say.

Sex Crimes Require Little Evidence, Contact Between Accused and Accuser

Ironically, the evidentiary threshold in a sex crime case is often startlingly low. Prosecutors may bring a charge of sexual assault based on little more than a version of events relayed by an alleged victim. If too much time elapses between the alleged encounter and its reporting to authorities, there may be no physical evidence of a crime whatsoever. That delay can often be enough to create reasonable doubt in the minds of a jury, but only with the help of skilled Philadelphia sexual assault lawyers.

Sex crimes of a physical nature can encompass a wide variety of conduct, ranging from sexual harassment to statutory rape. When the accused and accuser have a pre-existing relationship it is important to investigate whether there was a recent falling out or whether the alleged improper conduct has been misunderstood or misconstrued. It is not uncommon for a spurned party to exaggerate a sexual encounter or in some cases, fabricate an encounter outright.

With the proliferation of the Internet, simply surfing the World Wide Web can lead to sex crime charges. Allegations of cyberstalking, electronic correspondence of a sexual nature with a minor, or viewing child pornography online can be brought by a prosecutor without any physical contact whatsoever taking place between the accused and an accuser. A qualified Philadelphia sex crime lawyer will interview and retain a computer forensics expert who can retrace online activity, and establish that a defendant is not guilty.

Reporting Requirements for Sex Crime Convictions Are Severe and Long-Lasting

Conviction of sex crimes in Pennsylvania requires registration in a publicly-accessible database, pursuant to Megan’s Law and the Sex Offender Registration & Notification Act (SORNA). Accordingly, neighbors, friends, and family members will be able to search and discover crimes of a sexual nature for up to 15 years after a defendant is released from prison. In some cases, such as when a defendant is convicted of multiple counts of sexual assault, removal from the registry is not allowable even after 15 years. Failure to register for the database or to notify law enforcement of a change in address is a third degree crime, while violation of a special sentence requiring lifelong parole supervision is a fourth degree crime.

Philadelphia Sex Crimes Lawyers at the Law Offices of Patrick G. Geckle, LLC Aggressively Defend Sex Crime Charges

The stigma of a sex crime conviction can last a lifetime. For that reason, when accused of committing a crime of a sexual nature, it is imperative that a defendant seek experienced counsel from the Philadelphia criminal lawyers at Patrick G. Geckle, LLC. We understand the fear and anger which accompany an allegation of a sex crime and will vigorously defend your actions – and your reputation – in court. Contact us online or call 215-735-3326 or toll-free at 800-555-7780 to schedule a free consultation at our offices in Philadelphia, where we serve clients throughout Delaware County, Montgomery County, Bucks County and Chester County.