Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers

More than 15,000 car accidents occur each day resulting in injuries ranging from minor to severe.  In 2013 alone, over 1.5 million Americans were injured in car accidents while 30,057 lost their lives. In the aftermath of a serious car crash victims and their families will often focus solely on recovery – and understandably so, for injuries sustained in a car accident are often severe and long-lasting. When those same victims are ready to discuss the financial ramifications of their accident and seek justice for what they have endured, they should choose representation carefully.

At the Law Offices of Patrick G. Geckle LLC, our Philadelphia car accident lawyers have a proven track record of prevailing in court. We aggressively pursue personal injury and wrongful death claims on behalf of our clients, both in and out of court. If we cannot settle your case amicably, we will fight tirelessly for you in trial.

Negligence is Key

When assessing the merits of a case, our Philadelphia car accident lawyers will need a detailed assessment of the unique circumstances surrounding a crash as they attempt to determine liability. Some accidents are caused by faulty traffic design, poor road conditions or malfunctioning traffic lights. In such cases, a victim may seek compensation from the entity in charge of maintaining the road so long as the entity is not a government agency immune from a lawsuit, the entity acted negligently and it can be proven that that same negligence led to a plaintiff’s injuries.

Negligence is also a critical element to be established when a plaintiff files a lawsuit against a fellow driver. Speeding, rolling through a stop sign, running a red light or changing lanes without a turn signal can all lead to car accidents.  Similarly, distracted driving, drunk driving and aggressive driving contribute to countless fatal crashes each year. Each of the aforementioned scenarios have been deemed negligent in the eyes of the law. A Philadelphia car accident lawyer will carefully consider the degree of negligence, and determine whether the negligence was fully or only partly responsible for a crash.

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyers Discuss Damages in a No-Fault State

Some accidents result in seemingly minor injuries, like a sore neck, which only later are revealed to be major and debilitating. Other injuries are catastrophic from the outset, such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal fractures and loss of limb. Regardless of the severity you could be entitled to damages if your injury meets the “serious” threshold in Pennsylvania. As residents in a no-fault state, a Pennsylvanian’s own insurance company will cover most medical expenses and lost income stemming from minor injuries regardless of which driver is to blame for a car accident.

Victims in Pennsylvania have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit against a fellow driver. For those who choose to sue a government entity for causing their accident, the statute of limitations is considerably shorter – a notice of intent to sue must be filed within six months of the triggering event. For this reason, it is imperative that a Philadelphia car accident lawyer is consulted as soon as possible after an accident.

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer, Patrick G. Geckle, LLC Represents Car Accident Victims

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident and is now facing a long road to recovery, contact Philadelphia car accident lawyer, Patrick G. Geckle LLC. Attorney Geckle will passionately pursue personal injury and wrongful death claims on behalf of clients throughout the area, including Philadelphia, Bucks County, Chester County, Montgomery County and Delaware County. Contact us online or call 215-735-3326 or toll-free at 800-555-7780 to schedule your free consultation at our Philadelphia offices today.