Philadelphia Police Misconduct Lawyers: Street Brawl Leads to Police Brutality in Philadelphia

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A sixteen-year-old woman was held on the ground and repeatedly punched by a police officer in Philadelphia just after the new year, sustaining significant injuries. The altercation resulted from a disagreement which escalated to a street brawl involving about 30 people, at which point police became involved. The officer was placed on administrative leave and removed from immediate duties. The young woman reportedly slapped the officer while she was being attacked, and according to a police spokesperson, is recommended to be charged with assaulting an officer and disorderly conduct. According to the legal guardian of the teenager, the girl’s mother had died a few weeks before, which may partially account for her behavior.

A video of the incident has sparked controversy around the internet and social media, as similar incidents have continuously attracted attention over the past few years. With conflicts between people of color and police forces around the country building, incidents like this tend to undo the efforts of both advocacy groups and police forces nationwide. It is important to fight back against police misconduct, in order to protect the public from misuse and abuse of power, as well as to hold officers to their oaths to protect and serve. Beyond physical injury, abuses of police power can result in wrongful convictions, loss of personal property and freedom, and increased social stigma against ethnic or religious groups.

Police misconduct extends beyond police brutality in Philadelphia. Officers of the law are not infallible, and can make mistakes, misjudge situations, and ignore protocol. Improper search and seizures are a common form of misconduct, as well as unnecessary strip searches. Withholding or destroying evidence which may favor the accused in a court case or planting false evidence to secure a conviction are both severe instances of misconduct. Officers who intentionally deny medical attention to injured suspects or who harass individuals based on ethnicity, social standing, or religion are also in violation of protocol and subject to prosecution.

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