Philadelphia Police Misconduct Lawyer Discusses Police Brutality and Mental Illness

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Police misconduct is a major problem in the United States. Cases of innocent bystanders or mentally afflicted individuals labeled as criminals have resulted in very serious injuries and even fatalities. Police officers have a noble and unique duty to protect the laws of this country and its residents, not abuse them, but unfortunately, this does not always occur as it should. Our Philadelphia police misconduct lawyer discusses how individuals with mental illnesses can be targeted by police officers.

More often than not, people targeted during police confrontations suffer from mental afflictions or similar ailments. In fact, a recent report suggests that Americans with mental illnesses are 16 times more likely to be killed or wounded in cases of police brutality than those who are psychologically healthy. Officers of the law have become the first responders for many mental health calls in the United States. However, when police officers arrive on the scene, they are not specifically trained in psychology or mental health treatments, and they are not likely to understand what steps they should take.

Individuals With Mental Illnesses Are At-Risk

The sad thing is that many media outlets report on police brutality and race, but the truth is that individuals with mental illnesses are also a serious target. Though they have physical combat and self-defense training, police officers are not health professionals, and calling them to handle these types of situations does not always help the individuals in question. Oftentimes, the police officer’s presence may intimidate an individual or cause fear, which could escalate an already tense situation into something much worse.

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