Philadelphia Police Brutality Lawyers: Development in National Case of Excessive Police Force

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Cases of innocent people suddenly being labeled as criminals and being attacked by members of the police force have resulted in very serious injuries, and even fatalities for many Americans. Police officers are responsible for keeping our streets safe and people out of danger, but sometimes they abuse their privileges, and can bring danger to those they are sworn to protect. Our Philadelphia police brutality lawyers discuss recent developments in a case that has brought about national attention.

Recently, a case arose in Texas where an officer wrestled a teenager to the ground at a local pool party. The victim, a 15-year-old, says that Corporal Eric Casebolt violated her constitutional rights by using excessive force against her. She is now suing the officer for nearly $15 million.

The altercation occurred in an upscale community in the town of McKinney, Texas after a disturbance call regarding the pool party was issued. Casebolt arrived at the scene and was reportedly upset after the teenagers present began spewing verbal insults and behaving uncooperatively. Cell phone footage shows Casebolt forcing the girl to the ground and shoving her face into the grass while handcuffing her and kneeling on her back. The plaintiff claims the officer even hit her, and when others tried to intercede, the policeman aimed his stun gun at them.

The plaintiff and her legal guardian later filed a complaint against Casebolt and the police force employing him, saying the force he used was unnecessary, and violated her rights as a citizen. The city of McKinney is denying these claims, and has vowed to fight the lawsuit at all costs. Casebolt resigned from the police force just four days after incident occurred.

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