Philadelphia Police Misconduct Lawyer: Ways to Reduce and Prevent Police Brutality

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Police brutality is an ongoing social problem in the United States. The driving issue in so many of these cases is whether officers were justified in their decisions to shoot their victims. Law enforcement has the right to use deadly force when they feel that they or others are in “imminent danger,” which generally means that the target is armed and dangerous. In the case of Keith Lamont Scott, a North Carolina man fatally shot by police in 2016, whether Scott was armed or not is not definitively known. Although law enforcement says that a gun with his DNA was recovered at the scene, others point to the lack of dashboard and body camera footage showing Scott with a gun to argue that he was not armed.

The Scott case is just one of many police shootings publicized in the past few years. According to Philip Stinson, associate professor at Bowling Green University, about a dozen police officers were tried for manslaughter or murder in 2015. That year, approximately 1,000 fatal police shootings were recorded.

Changing Policies to Prevent Fatal Shootings

Legal experts like Stinson and Judge Glenda Hatchett point to the need to re-evaluate the conditions that make these shootings such a common occurrence. By identifying the issues at play, law enforcement agencies across the country can take steps to reduce police violence.

One of these is to place a greater focus on the role mental health plays in crises. Of the 462 people fatally shot by police between January and July of 2015, one quarter suffered from some type of mental or emotional issue. To address this, the San Francisco Police Department recently began working with mental health specialists to address individuals’ emotional and mental needs during crises. Ideally, this will help police de-escalate crisis situations and reduce the use of violence.

Another way to cut down on police violence is to hold officers accountable for their colleagues’ actions. In New Orleans, the city’s officers are now being trained to report any unethical behavior they observe in other officers. This includes all aspects of the job, even those that do not involve civilians, like driving.

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