Philadelphia Police Misconduct Lawyers Report on Study Into Police Brutality

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Police brutality in Pennsylvania is a serious issue that continues make headlines. Law enforcement officers have a duty to protect those in their community. They should never use their position to gain an unfair advantage over those they serve. The police misconduct lawyers at the law offices of Patrick G. Geckle LLC have extensive experience dealing with police brutality in Pennsylvania. We will make sure you know what to do when dealing with an abusive officer.

According to recent surveys, nearly one in five people claim they have experienced profanity from a police officer during a personal encounter. Moreover, even higher numbers of people say they know someone that has been abused or mistreated by law enforcement. According to data collected by the CATO Institute, minorities such as African Americans or Hispanics are about twice as likely than whites to report profanity or police brutality.

Several factors have been considered in cases of police brutality. Race, age, and even gender can often play a role in who becomes a victim and who walks away unscathed. CATO reports that men, millennials, and those making less than $30,000 per year are more likely to experience police brutality when compared to women, older generations, and those with a salary higher than $60,000.

A survey conducted in 2015 for AP/NORC revealed more than half of Americans believe that police brutality is the result of the alleged victim’s failure to cooperate during a stop. Some indicate the belief that officers who use force do so because the civilian is resisting arrest or exhibiting difficult behavior. Many felt that those who did not experience profanity or ill-treatment were probably more cooperative and less inclined to show disrespect.

Philadelphia Police Misconduct Lawyers at Patrick G. Geckle LLC Fight for Victims of Police Brutality in Pennsylvania

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