Philadelphia Police Misconduct Lawyers Discuss Eluding a Police Officer

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Eluding a police officer in Philadelphia may subject you to a long-term chase, and when the officer catches up, you risk arrest, prison time, and expensive penalty fees. Our Philadelphia police misconduct lawyers want to offer the following tips about what to do if you ever find yourself face-to-face with a figure of the law.

If an officer tries pulling you over, the most important thing to do is stay calm. Refusing to stop or engaging the officer in a high-speed chase can put innocent bystanders in danger, and may subject you to higher, third degree charges. Take notice of what the officer is doing. Are there flashing lights, a siren, or any hand or voice commands coming from the squad vehicle? A police officer is required to provide signals before asking you to stop, so if you see any of these things, turn the next available corner and come to a complete halt.

Once you have stopped, it is possible things can get out of control. Should the officer try to arrest you, do not resist, and do not try talking your way out of it. This can lead to excessive force, including the use of tasers and police brutality. If an officer tries questioning you, do not show any anger or hostility. Simply refuse to answer the questions and request that a lawyer be present.

Philadelphia Police Misconduct Lawyers at Patrick G. Geckle, LLC Fight for Victims of Police Brutality in Pennsylvania

Sometimes, a driver may not have seen the approaching lights, or the squad car is not definitively marked. Should any of these situations apply, having skilled legal representation is critical. At the law offices of Patrick G. Geckle, LLC, our experienced team of Philadelphia police misconduct lawyers has the abilities and knowledge to fight for compensation for the victims of police brutality. Call our offices today at 215-735-3326, or contact us online to get in touch with one of our Philadelphia police brutality lawyers. We serve clients throughout Eastern and Central Pennsylvania including Philadelphia, as well as Berks County, Bucks County, Chester County, Delaware County, Carbon County, Lawrence County, Lancaster County, Lehigh County, Lackawanna County, Luzerne County, Monroe County, and Montgomery County.