Philadelphia Police Brutality Lawyers Discuss Body Cameras

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Police misconduct in Pennsylvania is a common problem. Often, a police officer’s use of force will lead to widespread remonstrations and disputes throughout the United States. Just because someone is wearing a badge does not mean they have the right to abuse the law. Our Philadelphia police brutality lawyers want you to stay guarded against police misconduct in Pennsylvania, and have a few tips for staying out of harm’s way.

The first thing to look for is whether or not the officer is wearing a body camera. Police officers who wear body cameras are less likely to engage in physical force or do things that will result in injuries to their suspects. However, since their introduction in May of 2015, body cameras have continually received resistance from law enforcement agencies, and many officers will tend to their duties unequipped. If the police officer questioning you is not wearing one, it is important to be prepared for what might come next.

How to Proceed if an Officer Does Not Have a Camera

It is never a good idea to resist arrest. Doing so is likely to get you hurt, even if the officer is forceful or uses intimidation tactics. Cooperate for the time being to avoid any injuries or bodily harm. Enlist the aid of an attorney later on, but do your best to stay calm, and never engage in a physical altercation.

If the police officer begins questioning you, do not exhibit malice or aggression. Instead, try to answer any basic questions posed. Make sure to have an attorney present for more involved questions relating to your case. It is always important to steer clear of false or misleading claims that could land you in prison.

Philadelphia Police Brutality Lawyers at Patrick G. Geckle LLC Fight for Victims of Police Misconduct in Pennsylvania

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