Philadelphia Police Brutality Lawyers: Effect of Police Brutality on Public Health

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Police brutality has been demonstrated to not only have an incredibly negative impact on the lives of those involved, but also on the overall community. In addition, it has been shown that police brutality can have a negative effect on health. Statistics have shown that African-Americans have been victimized far more frequently by police brutality. Philadelphia police brutality lawyers note that the health effects of police misconduct in Philadelphia are not always physical.

Physical and Mental Health Effects of Police Brutality

Police brutality has a physical and mental effect not only on its victims, but the surrounding community. The African-American communities most affected by police brutality have shown higher rates of hypertension and diabetes in the wake of these issues. This is most likely connected to heightened stress levels, due to fear and anxiety caused by police misconduct. In addition, mental health issues such as serious anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder can result from police misconduct.

Negative Behavioral Impact of Police Brutality

In addition to all of the above, high police brutality rates have been shown to correlate with dangerous and negative behavior. These can be induced both by stress and distrust of authority. Stress leads to increased rates of smoking, drinking, and substance abuse, all of which can lead to further issues with police. In addition, stress leads to high rates of malnutrition in communities. Fear and anxiety related to authority can also cause individuals to avoid medical or professional help of any kind, allowing health problems to go unchecked and out of control. All of these issues have shown a direct correlation to increased rates of police brutality, and demonstrate how much the issue can spread from the individual to the society.

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