Philadelphia Police Misconduct Lawyers: Justice for Police Brutality Victims

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Police brutality and misconduct have always been extremely dangerous issues, and have only become more topical in recent years. As more news stories of police misconduct and excessive force are released, it becomes all the more necessary to understand your rights and what to do if you are faced with police brutality in Philadelphia.

It is intimidating to be a victim of police brutality, but it is important to know that you can receive justice and compensation. If you believe that you have been a victim of police brutality, it is important to find an experienced Philadelphia police misconduct lawyer to help fight for your rights and hold the offending parties accountable for their actions.

How to Fight Police Brutality

When victimized by police misconduct, there are several steps that the victim needs to take in the pursuit of justice. First, the victim must make sure that they fully document any injuries incurred due to excessive force. It is important to have specific knowledge of the extent of the injuries caused, as it will help to build the strongest case possible.

Next, it is important for the victim to fully document the actual event of police misconduct, exactly as it took place. Even the smallest details can prove to be important to a trial. The events prior to the misconduct, the attitude of offending officer(s) during the events, and their response to injuries can all be important evidence to help a victim of police brutality receive the compensation that they deserve.

It is also important for the victim to understand police protocol and their own rights. Arresting officers are required to use the least force possible in order to arrest a suspect. If the victim was compliant and was still subjected to excessive force, then the officer may have violated protocol. Citing specific protocols and constitutional rights can be very helpful in police brutality cases.

Philadelphia Police Misconduct Lawyers at the Law Offices of Patrick G. Geckle LLC Fight Injustice and Police Brutality

If you or a loved one believe you have been the victim of police brutality, it is extremely important to find a devoted, skilled police brutality or police misconduct lawyer. Philadelphia police misconduct lawyers at the Law Offices of Patrick G. Geckle can help you receive the compensation and justice that you deserve. Contact us online, call 215-735-3326 or toll-free at 800-555-7780 to schedule a free consultation. From our offices in Philadelphia, we serve clients from Philadelphia County and Delaware County, Montgomery County, Bucks County, and Chester County.