Philadelphia Police Brutality Lawyers: Underreporting Police Violence Against Women

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Although fatal encounters with law enforcement usually involve men, many other incidents of police violence go unreported by the mainstream news media. According to a recent investigation by the Associated Press (AP), oftentimes those same incidents involve black female victims and are sexual in nature. The study found that more than 1,000 police officers were relieved of their duties for sexual assault over a six-year span.

Allegations of police brutality have climbed steadily in recent years, as victims and onlookers use smartphones to videotape their interactions with police and emergency vehicles routinely come equipped with in-dash cameras. However, the frequency in which women are targeted remains relatively unknown and underreported, as sexual assault often brings about feelings of shame, making women less likely to report their assault.

The entity tasked with collecting nationwide police data – the Federal Bureau of Justice Statistics – does not track the arrests of police officers. Moreover, according to the Associated Press report, states may compile the information but are not required to share the arrest record data with the public. Because decertification records are widely available, however, the Associated Press was able to uncover that 550 officers during the time period studied were decertified for crimes that qualify as sexual assault under the operative Department of Justice standard, or other sexual crimes such as extorting a citizen to perform sexual favors. An additional 440 officers were decertified for lesser crimes, including the possession of child pornography.

Despite reservations that come with reporting a sexual assault, it is imperative that women who have been victimized by police brutality come forward. Police officers who act as sexual predators will often re-offend unless they are removed from their position of power. By making a formal complaint, women who have been sexually abused at the hands of law enforcement are not only helping to bring their perpetrator to justice, they also may save another woman from abuse.

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