Philadelphia Civil Rights Lawyer: Was Deadly Force Justified in Recent Officer-Involved Police Shooting?

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It has been several weeks since 33-year-old Shalamar Longer was shot and killed by police in Chester, Delaware County, and despite District Attorney Jack Whelan’s ruling that police use of deadly force was justified in this case, members of the community have been left unsatisfied with this decision and with the investigation into the shooting.

During the early morning hours of February 8, 2016, an Upland Borough police officer attempted to pull over an SUV because a light was out above its license plate. The vehicle was being driven by Longer who was on parole and illegally carrying a gun at the time. A chase ensued and culminated when Longer’s SUV crashed on Keystone Road. According to the DA, Longer then pointed his weapon towards the police. Six police officers on the scene reacted by opening fire on Longer and releasing almost 100 bullets aimed at him. Longer had not fired his gun when he was fatally injured by multiple gunshot wounds.

In a recent article published by, Patrick M. Geckle, top Philadelphia police misconduct lawyer, expresses his belief that the police should be required to justify every bullet that was shot at Longer. Although the initial shots may have been justified in this case, Geckle points out that all shots may not have been justified. Chester Mayor Thaddeus Kirkland supports the DA’s ruling that the shooting was justified; however, members of the community remain unconvinced and are questioning the notion that firing nearly 100 bullets at one man does not constitute excessive force.

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