Philadelphia Police Brutality Lawyer Discusses Excessive Philadelphia Police Violence

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Patrick G. Geckle, a top Philadelphia criminal lawyer who specializes in civil rights protection, police misconduct cases and criminal defense, recently appeared as a panelist on an episode of “Like it is”. During the episode, Geckle provides viewers with insight into the culture of racial profiling and police brutality which plagues the Philadelphia Police Department. Geckle also highlights the shortcomings of current laws pertaining to police brutality and excessive force.

Cell phone videos and social media have drastically increased public awareness of police brutality in recent years; however, the practice of excessive force has actually been running rampant in Philadelphia for decades. Based on statistics regarding officer-involved shootings and stop-and-frisk encounters, racism appears to be at the core of the problem. Racism, combined with a law enforcement culture that condones police brutality and a judicial system that protects police officers who abuse their authority has created an epidemic of police violence in Philadelphia.

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Watch this video in which Patrick G. Geckle shares the knowledge and insight he has acquired through his extensive experience defending victims of police misconduct in Philadelphia.