Philadelphia Police Brutality Lawyer: Pennsylvania State Police Investigation

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After an increase in officer involved shootings, Philadelphia Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey ordered a federal probe in 2013. The critical probe was a proactive request for an outside review of Philadelphia’s police force and will include recommendations with a clear plan to move forward.

The Pennsylvania State Police will be the lead agency to conduct police officer investigations from the Philadelphia police force. The proposed agreement between the two agencies, Pennsylvania State Police and Philadelphia Police Department, follows a recommendation from the Justice Department. Investigations of officers in shootings and in-custody deaths should be conducted by a single, specially trained investigative unit.

As of May 2015, the Philadelphia Police Department was making progress and had completed 90% of the 91 recommendations noted in the Justice Department report. Specific guidelines and limitations regarding stun guns, banned chokeholds and officer recognition for avoiding deadly situations are among some of the reforms implemented by the Philadelphia Police Department.

The self-examination and federal probe was initiated prior to national conversations regarding excessive police brutality, shootings and deaths of unarmed black males. Community unrest and distrust has erupted throughout the United States with unarmed men dying at the hands of police officers. Some known national cases include Ferguson, Missouri; Charleston, South Carolina; New York City; and Freddy Gary in Philadelphia.

The Justice Department investigation concluded that fear motivated Philadelphia police officers to use deadly force and those actions affected black citizens. Significant strife and distrust among police forces and communities has prompted the Justice Department to conduct investigations into police departments around the nation.

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