Philadelphia Police Misconduct Lawyers: Think No One Will Believe The Police Planted The Evidence?

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The American judicial system is considered one of the most revered legal systems in the world. In it, defendants should be treated fairly and are considered innocent until proven guilty. However, America’s machine of justice only works if every part does its job. Lawyers must give their clients prudent legal council, law enforcement must serve the public honestly and fairly, and judges must be honorable and unbiased in the decisions they make. But what happens when one of the participants in our legal system doesn’t do his or her part? What would you do if a police officer were to take advantage of your rights and work outside the parameters of justice?

Police misconduct seems like a far-fetched situation, and you probably think that it’s something that will never happen to you, but if the unbelievable happened you need to know what to do.

What should you do in the event of police misconduct?


  1. Remember your rights – In the event of police misconduct you more than likely are going to be arrested. If this happens, answer only the questions that you have to answer. Don’t argue or mouth off at the office. They’ve already violated your rights. Do not give them reasons to push the envelope. Wait for legal representation and do not speak until you have it.
  2. Document everything that happens – You need to be able to form a narrative that is clear and easy to follow. Remember as much as you can about the situation: what sort things were said to you by the police officers, did they use excessive force against you, how did they act around you and other officers, were there any witnesses to what took place between you and the officer, etc.
  3. File a complaint – This will create official record of the incident and can be used to build a case against the officer. It can gain the attention of community leaders and show if there is a pattern of misconduct with the specific officer.

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