Philadelphia Criminal Lawyer: Over Zealous Officer, Arrested Me For Going 2 Over The Limit

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Technically, if you are driving over the speed limit, even just two miles over the speed limit, you’re speeding. Do you usually get stopped by a police officer because you are two miles over the limit? Probably not often, but it does happen. Then what should you do?

If you’re faced with a traffic violation, you may have three choices. You can say not a word, even if you’re fuming, accept the ticket, and pay it in silence. You can talk to the arresting officer, in a friendly way, of course, and try to get him to change his mind about such a slight error. However, if you really want to push the edge on this one, you might talk to an attorney who is experienced in the ways that traffic laws work and are obeyed in your area or state.

For instance, your attorney can check into the way you were treated after the officer stopped you for speeding. Two miles an hour is a very slight margin over the speed limit. Can the officer prove that his equipment was working correctly, or might there be reason to suspect that it is difficult, perhaps impossible, to be certain about such a slight figure? There are also numerous and valid reasons why an alleged defense might be disputed. How were you treated after the police officer stopped you? Do you have reason to believe that the officer was taking a bad mood out on you? Such things do happen during an arrest, even one for such a slight grievance, and it may be worth your time and your record to have your lawyer do some checking.

You may feel that it is not worth the effort to fight a problem that concerns only two miles over the limit. However, if you feel that you have been unjustly treated, contact an experienced lawyer and get satisfaction with making sure you have done all you could do. Call Philadelphia criminal lawyer Patrick Geckle, who knows the traffic laws of Philadelphia. Whether you want to deal with a charge of 2 or 20mph, make that call 215-735-3326, 800-555-7780, or contact us online today.