Philadelphia Sexual Harrassment Lawyer: A Cop Sexually Harassed Me

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The police officers of the United States are trained to put personal opinions and biases aside and use their rights to power properly to avoid conflicts such as sexual harassment and police brutality. Even though police officers are trained to abide by the law and use their rights to power properly, this does not always happen. Cases of police sexual harassment are one of the top complaints against officers that come in to stations around the United States. If you have been sexually harassed by a cop, there are a couple steps you should follow.

Understand You Are A Victim

Never allow yourself to be bullied into silence, especially in the case of a police sexual harassment case. Even though it may be a tough road to go down, filing a complaint against an officer, it is a road that is worth taking. You should never be violated by a police officer, and if you are, you should immediately seek legal counsel.

Immediately Contact A Sexual Harassment Attorney

Sexual harassment by a police officer is defined as sexual assault, a police officer participating in a sexual act while on duty, or child molestation. Police officers have a code of conduct amongst themselves that states they will never speak out against another officer. This code often makes “dirty” police officers feel entitled to do unjust acts such as sexual harassment because they feel there will be no consequences. It is a very unfortunate instance because often if a sexual harassment or misconduct complaint is brought to a police station, it is easily swept under the table without a second glance. The public should never have a fear of police officers, especially a fear that sexual misconduct will occur if pulled over for speeding or any other type of traffic violation. If you have been sexually harassed by a police officer, immediately seek a sexual harassment attorney. A sexual harassment attorney can take you through the proper steps to filing a formal complaint and getting it seen by the proper individuals.

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Sexual harassment by a cop is a very unfortunate instance that does occasionally occur. If you have been violated by a police officer, seek advice from a Philadelphia sexual harassment lawyer.  Our legal team can take you through the proper steps to having a complaint filed in the correct channels.  Call us today at 215-735-3326 or contact us online today for a consultation!