A male cop pulled my wife out of the car and severely bruised her arm

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Everyone hopes that law enforcement officers are there to protect and serve citizens, but what happens when they actually harm the ones that they are entrusted to protect? While unfortunate, police brutality, misconduct, and the use of excessive force can happen, and this is why everyone should understand their rights during and after these events. This includes a law enforcement officer that injures a driver during a routine traffic stop or arrest.

Your Rights During a Traffic Stop

Traffic stops can be a stressful situation for anyone. Many drivers are unaware of their rights and responsibilities and exactly what the cop can and cannot do. What all drivers should remember is that police officers are looking for probable cause to make an arrest or issue a ticket. They have a number of tools and verbal tricks that they can use to do this and may even ask the driver to get out of the vehicle to carry out sobriety tests or even frisk them if they believe they are armed.

Injuries from Police Officers

The scenario between the husband’s wife and the police officer will be affected by the reason behind the officer asking the woman to get out of the vehicle, why she refused, and what led to the injury itself. If during any part of this process the officer violated the wife’s rights and the resulting situation escalated to her injury, she may have a case against the police officer. As an added note, it is important to remember that even if the officer was within their right to ask the woman to get out of the vehicle, causing unnecessary injuries could also be a case for excessive force and misconduct.

Your Rights After Being Injured by a Police Officer

These situations can become extremely complex and no one should ever attempt to sue the officer or the municipality that employs them without an experienced legal representative by their side. Here at Patrick G. Geckle LLC, we can help you and your family navigate through these cases as quickly as possible. Depending on the situation that unfolds, there could be a wide variety of charges leveled at the police officer, each with their own unique penalties and damages that may be awarded.

The most important thing to remember is that no one should ever feel threatened by law enforcement officers or let any misconduct go unchecked. Anyone that has been injured or has a loved one that has been injured by a law enforcement officer should seek out legal help to explore their options for a civil or criminal trial.

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