Philadelphia Police Misconduct Lawyer: Police Reached Inside Car

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Most people involved in a pullover have a typical experience without incident. Others can walk away from the incident feeling violated. One reader shares one of his most troubling pullover experience with the law.

Can they do that?

“I was pulled over and only rolled my window a little bit and the police officer reached into my car to unlock the door and pull me out?“

What you should know about the incident

The police only need probable cause to legally search a vehicle during a traffic stop. They can act on facts or other forms of evidence to determine whether or not one is involved in some form of a criminal activity. How the pullover was done can determine whether or not there’s any police misconduct.

What is the right conduct for a pullover?

Although many bad pullover experiences are unavoidable, there are some things anyone in a pullover situation can do to minimize chances of a negative experience ever occurring. During a routine traffic stop, it’s important to always be courteous and polite during a pullover. Remain cool and calm throughout the experience. Consider exercising your right to not answer any question if you may feel like you’re in a delicate situation. Being silent may be the smartest move to make if involved in an incident. Be as cooperative as possible, even if you feel that the police officer is out of line and has overstepped their boundaries.

Police misconduct as a serious matter

The pullover experience can leave one feeling humiliated, scared or angry if one feels that the police officer was out of line. In this case, the officer reaching through the window and unlocking the car could be a potential case of police misconduct. A case can even be made for an improper search. If there are any concerns about misconduct or aggressive behavior during a traffic stop, an attorney can discuss the matter and help you determine whether or not your rights have been violated.

Police have a certain amount of authority when it comes to pulling over drivers in a traffic stop. Every person pulled over during an incident is entitled to a certain amount of rights. If you have been involved in a questionable pullover, you can contact an attorney to discuss your rights if you feel you’ve been violated in any way. Call 215-735-3326 or contact us online to speak to an attorney regarding your police misconduct case.