I Got Hit By a Cop Who Ran a Red Light

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This may be a question you’ve had before – do police officers have to obey traffic laws?  The answer is yes and no. Yes, in most cases a police officer on the road should adhere to the same traffic laws civilians are subject to.  However when an officer turns on the siren and/or emergency lights, traffic laws can generally be disregarded.

Who is going to hold law enforcement accountable on the roads, though? What if a police officer violates standard traffic laws and someone gets hurt? This is precisely what reportedly happened to a woman in St. Paul who was involved in a dangerous collision with a local policeman.  The policeman inexplicably ran a red light and crashed into her vehicle with his squad car.   To make matters more frustrating for the victim, security footage from an adjacent convenient store shows that the police officer drove off without ever getting out of his vehicle.

The woman pressed charges and now the officer faces misdemeanor charges (based on the amount of damage done to the woman’s vehicle). Even with video evidence, the officer did not seem to have been punished by his local police department for his actions.

What To Do When Police Misconduct Occurs

A police officer’s job is to “protect and serve”. When misconduct occurs, people can get hurt and officers should be held responsible for their actions. If you have been involved in a similar situation as the story above, knowing what to do can give you peace of mind as you pursue justice.

Our Philadelphia police misconduct lawyers can help you get to know what information is relevant to your case and assist you in filing a proper report. Be sure to write out or get videos and photos of witness testimony.  Don’t wait until too much time has passed before you begin to document everything that happened and speak with your attorney.

Strong Advocacy From Experienced Philadelphia Police Misconduct Lawyers

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