Philadelphia False Arrest Attorney: An Off-Duty Officer Was Drinking And Then Arrested Me

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Last year down in Columbia, South Carolina an off-duty police officer had been out drinking at a local sports bar when he tried to arrest a young female soldier. According to reports the woman was upset at the restaurant and a confrontation by the off-duty police officer lead to what witnesses considered an inappropriate altercation.

The woman was said to have resisted his advances and at some point the officer went out to his vehicle to retrieve his handcuffs and a firearm. Another patron of the restaurant pulled out his phone and captured video of the off-duty police officer restraining, handcuffing, and verbally accosting the young woman who was notably in pain. The family and friends of the young woman were also yelled at by the officer and told to leave the restaurant (which they hesitantly obliged).

In the end, the officer may have noticed that his actions were being recorded via video and that were several witnesses. Although the allegedly alcohol-impaired officer seemed to have unlawfully detained the young marine in the first place, in the end he let her go without further charges.

What should you do when you have been falsely arrested? Remain calm, do not resist, but keep clear mental notes of what is happening.  Ask someone to get video of the incident as it’s happening. Follow up with witnesses. Take copious notes of what happened while everything is fresh.  Most importantly, enlist the advocacy of a well-trained police misconduct and false arrest lawyer.

Philadelphia False Arrest Attorney

Victims of false arrest should not hesitate to bring your story to an experienced civil rights attorney.  Until you understand your all of your legal options you will not be equipped to fight for justice with confidence.

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