Philadelphia Police Misconduct Lawyer: Misconduct Caught On Video

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“Big man, do we have a problem?” A Philadelphia police officer was caught on video aggressively approaching a teenager who seems to be calmly walking down the sidewalk with his friends.  “Because I notice that you keep trying to make eye contact with me. Is there a problem?” the officer says pointing his hand in the kid’s face. The teenager and his friends remain calm as the officer approaches. [i]

The officer’s questioning turns into a threat, “Okay, well keep f******g walking. The next time you look me in the f*****g eye, I’m going to beat the s**t out you!” [i]

According the NBC report, police officials said that the officer will be disciplined for his actions. “This video does not reflect well on the officer” one official said. “I have no doubt he had a good reason to be exasperated but you have to maintain your professional demeanor.”

Police Misconduct In Philadelphia

While the majority of law enforcement officers try to serve their city well, police misconduct does occur. Police misconduct can range from unwarranted verbal assaults (not unlike what we see in the above story), arresting someone who police know is innocent, falsifying evidence, abuse of their authority, or even the use of excessive force (more than the confrontation requires). Police who commit misconduct crimes should be held accountable. This could be as simple as disciplinary action within the police force or it could be in the form of a civil rights lawsuit.

When Police Misconduct Occurs

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