Philadelphia Excessive Force Lawyers: When The Police Use Excessive Force

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What do you do when you have been arrested and you believe law enforcement used excessive force? There are a few questions we ask to help provide accurate recommendations for things you should consider doing right away.

Do You Have Visible Injuries?

If you have visible injuries, get photographs of the injuries and write down exactly what happened to cause those injuries.

Do You Feel The Injuries Are Serious?

It’s always a good idea to get your injuries checked out by a doctor, but especially if you believe your injuries to be serious. Going to your primary medical provider or even the emergency room not only helps you overcome those injuries, but the medical documentation of the extent of your injuries can be used in court should you need it.

Were Your Clothes Affected By The Confrontation?

If your clothes were torn, ripped, or damaged in the altercation, be sure not to throw them out. You may want to not clean away any bloodstains, either. These things can be helpful evidence to prosecute your case.

Were There Witnesses?

Take copious notes of what witnesses say they saw. Try to get their names and contact information (address, email, phone number, etc.).

Are You Being Asked A Lot Of Questions?

Remember your right to remain silent. Before you speak with your attorney, don’t make any statements or answer any questions about what happened.  A phone call to our office to speak with Attorney Patrick G. Geckle will ensure that you are well informed as to the best steps going forward.

We hope you are never in a position to have to use these tips, but knowing the process of what to do when excessive force or other forms of police misconduct occur could protect you should you experience it.

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