Philadelphia Police Misconduct Lawyers Discuss What To Do When Confronted By Police

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No matter who you are or what type of personality you possess, being confronted by police officers can be scary. Furthermore, being detained by multiple cops can compound the intensity. Regardless of the type of interaction, here are some simple instructions to help you safeguard your rights when you are dealing with the police.

What You CANNOT Say

It’s important to understand that every word you say can be used against you. It can give the police an excuse to arrest you, especially if you’re disrespecting, talking back to, or badmouthing a police officer.

What You HAVE to Do

When stopped in a car, you are required by law to show your driver’s license and registration. Other than that, you don’t have to answer any questions, even if you are detained or arrested. There is, though, one important exception. If you have been properly detained, the police are permitted to ask for your name. You can even be arrested in some states for refusing to give it, however, if you have a good reason to fear that your name is incriminating, you can claim the right to remain silent.

What You DO NOT Have to Do

You do not have to consent to any search of yourself, your home, or your car. Remember, if you DO consent to a search, it can affect your rights later in court. Don’t feel intimidated to allow the officers to search. If the police say they have a search warrant, ask to see it.

What You CANNOT Do

You cannot interfere with or obstruct the police. You can be arrested for it

Just a Few More 

Regardless of how many police officers are confronting you, the guidelines above will help you stay out of trouble; furthermore, here are a few ground rules to keep in mind.

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