Philadelphia Police Misconduct Lawyers Discuss: Why You Should Record all Interactions with Police Officers

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Most people rightfully believe and agree that police officers should be respected public servants who desire to protect us from harm.  While this is undoubtedly true in the majority of cases, it is wise to keep in mind that police officers are also human beings subject to the possibility of making poor or deliberate choices that bring harm as opposed to protection to other individuals.

Police Misconduct

In recent years, the public has become acutely aware of rogue police officers deciding to take justice and subsequent punishment of those they pull over, and/or arrest for various violations, into their own hands, bringing serious harm and sometimes death to those they should be protecting. We have all winced viewing videos of police officers abusing or killing someone simply because they decided they were empowered to render punishment against them because of their status as a police officer.

Recording all interactions with a police officer can provide insurance against misconduct by the police officer, and also provide evidence that you were cooperative.  Most states agree that recording interactions with a police officer are within your First Amendment rights; however, most states also agree that the recording cannot interfere with an arrest.

In some jurisdictions, the police officers have cameras recording all stops and arrests resulting from those stops.

Right to Record Your Interactions with Police Officers

As a U.S. citizen, you need to be aware of your civil rights to document and record interactions with a police officer. With new technology available, such as cell phones with built-in recorders and cameras, most individuals have access to the technology that can provide them with the ability they need if they believe they or someone else is experiencing abuse by law enforcement.

Legal Actions to Hold Police Officer Liable for Misconduct

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