Common Mistakes That Lead To A False Arrest

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While we often hear reports about people being falsely arrested and even convicted of crimes they did not commit, we rarely consider what we would do or how we would react if the same thing should happen to us.

False Arrest – What You Need To Know

There are several very important things everyone should be aware of so they will not make any of the common mistakes others have made when falsely arrested:

  • Remain calm – while this may be easier said than done, remaining calm will assist you in keeping your wits and preventing outbursts that could harm you if your case escalates through the court system.
  • Have a plan – even though the very idea of being arrested for any reason seems beyond comprehension to most people, it never hurts to discuss this remote possibility with your family and friends in a “what if” scenario so that your family and you will know the precise steps that need to be taken should a false arrest, or an arrest of any kind happens.
  • If police come to your home to arrest you, demand to see a search warrant.
  • Remain silent.  Even though you are being falsely arrested and accused unjustly, anything you say could be misconstrued and held against you at a later date.
  • Obtain an attorney immediately.  Many people mistakenly believe that if they are innocent, they will not need an attorney.  Nothing is further from the truth; innocent people wind up in prison every day.

If you are falsely arrested, it is also important to document every detail of what occurred in case you decide to file a civil lawsuit for your false arrest at a later date.

Seek Legal Help Immediately If You Are Falsely Arrested

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