Philadelphia Criminal Lawyers Discuss: When It Is Police Brutality?

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Police work is one of the more difficult and challenging fields of public service. The majority of police officers work diligently to uphold their oath of honor and act “in a manner befitting a police officer.”  There are times, however, when officers of the law make poor choices. Some have been guilty of overstepping the bounds of their authority and using too much force.  As has been well documented in the news, the use of unnecessary police force can have harrowing consequences as a person’s constitutional rights are violated.

When is the force used by police in an arrest or confrontation considered brutality? If you have been involved in an altercation with police where any of the following occurred, a police brutality investigation should take place under the leadership of an experienced Philadelphia police misconduct attorney.

  • Excessive Force

“The use of force greater than that which a reasonable and prudent law enforcement

officer would use under the circumstances.”

  • Inappropriate or Excessive Taser Use

            The electric shock of a Taser can significantly heighten the risk of heart-related injuries or death for anyone susceptible to cardiac arrest.  Repeated shocking and the excessive use of Tasers could cause permanent injury or death.

  • Wrongful Shooting

Federal and state laws clearly define the circumstances under which a police officer can use deadly force such as shooting his or her gun.

  • Verbal Abuse & Psychological Intimidation

Intentionally leveraging fear of bodily injury to induce an action or confession of some sort.

  • False Arrest

When a person is held in custody without probable cause or a legal court order.

  • Sexual Misconduct

This is most typically women who are vulnerable — juvenile runaways, prostitutes, drug addicts,  drunk drivers, victims of domestic violence, and even simple traffic violators.

  • Illegal Surveillance

            When technology is used for surveillance in an illegal manner. For example, this can be overstepping the bounds of mass surveillance or the use of radio frequencies assigned only to hobbyists (ie. HAM radio).

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If you or someone you know has been recently involved in an incident with the police where any of the above was a factor, you’ll need to contact an attorney who has the boldness to represent the interests of justice.

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