Philadelphia Criminal Defense Lawyer: Arrested for protesting, now what?

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About 2 years ago now, George Clooney and his 78-year old father were arrested for participating in a protest in front of the Sudanese Embassy in Washington, DC.  The point of the protest was to draw attention to the ongoing violence in the Sudan.  The gentlemen were released later that day and said to have been fined $100.

We are fortunate to live in a country that protects free speech. Unfortunately, not everyone who is arrested for taking part in protests is treated with the same respect the Clooneys were. If you take part in political protests of any kind you need to understand your rights and have a relationship with an experienced civil rights attorney in case you are are ever arrested.

Every protester has constitutional rights when arrests do occur.  Here are a few you should know, understand, and make note of when not properly adhered to.

 Before & After Miranda Rights

The moment police begin to question you and you feel you are not allowed to leave their presence (aka — in custody), your Miranda rights should be read to you. Anything you may have said before Miranda rights have been read to you is not admissible in court.  Make mental notes of 1) whether or not your Miranda rights were recited to you as well as 2) what was said before and after your rights were recited.

Fifth Amendment Rights

After your Miranda rights have been given you should take great consideration to take advantage of your right to remain silent (from the Fifth Amendment). The less you say, the better. Even small talk and seemingly insignificant conversation can be used against you after your Miranda rights have been read.  Don’t give into efforts to provoke you to say more than you should.

 Attorney Rights At Questioning

Questioning will happen and will continue to happen after you’ve been arrest. The only way to make it stop is to demand to speak with your attorney. Philadelphia civil rights attorney Patrick Geckle has a firm exclusively dedicated to help anyone who has been victim of Police misconduct.

Stop right now and put his number in your phone —(215)-735-3326  and don’t hesitate to call when you need his help.

 Attorney Rights At Arraignment

No one knows the facts of your case better than you do, but it is important to have an advocate at your side and fully representing your interests at your arraignment.  Leverage the experience and boldness of Patrick Geckle to give you the best chance to pursue justice in your case.

We believe a law firm should adhere to the highest standards of quality. We believe you’ll experience that level of attention to detail when you work with our firm. If you or someone you love is in need of a criminal defense attorney after being arrested for protesting, contact the Law Offices of Patrick Geckle today.

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