Police Brutality Statistics That You Need to Know

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Police officers are meant to help in your times of need. Unfortunately, some officers use their position of authority to inflict harm, rather than to help. Police brutality often involves harassment or excessive use of force, such as use of deadly force when it is not justified. To learn more about police brutality, explore the recent statistics discussed below and contact a civil rights attorney to learn about your rights.

Types of Misconduct 
According to the National Police Misconduct Statistics and Reporting Project, the most common type of misconduct reported in 2010 was excessive force, which accounted for nearly 24 percent of reported allegations. Other types of reported misconduct included sexual misconduct, theft, false arrest, civil rights violations, and animal cruelty. Of the excessive force complaints, the majority involved physical use of force. More than 14 percent involved firearm-related excessive force complaints and another 10 percent involved Taser-related cases.

Fatalities Due to Misconduct 
The same report found that there were 4,861 unique reports of police misconduct in the 2010 calendar year in the United States. There were 247 fatalities associated with these reported incidents.

Cost of Misconduct 
Police brutality is a horrible abuse of power by people who are supposed to help individuals in times of need. Fortunately, some victims are willing and able to speak out against these officers, and many are compensated for their injuries. In 2010, there were estimated payouts of more than $345 million in civil settlements and judgments. This figure does not include sealed settlements, court costs, or attorneys’ fees.

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