Fight Back Against Police Brutality with Help from These Informative Online Resources

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Police officials may be responsible for protecting civil liberties, but sometimes, their actions can actually be the cause of injustice, rather than the solution. Check out these links from around the web for more information on false arrests and how police misconduct and brutality can impact your life. Give the law offices of Patrick G. Geckle, LLC a call at (215)-735-3326 for more information on our practice areas or contact us online.

  • Explore this article from for more information on a case in which an individual was falsely arrested when police believed that his $50 bill was counterfeit.
  • This New York Times article takes a closer look at police misconduct and unlawful searches.
  • Check out this article from to find information on racial profiling and police misconduct.
  • Did you know that many police officials rationalize instances of misconduct and brutality? Learn more about this unlawful practice with this link from
  • Learn more about your civil rights outlined in the United States Constitution with this article from