How Police Misconduct and Brutality Can Affect Your Life

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Police officials are responsible for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the community, including upholding one’s civil rights. Unfortunately, it seems that there have been a rising number of police misconduct and police brutality incidents over the past several years. Police misconduct includes any inappropriate actions of police officials or misuse of their power, while police brutality is a type of misconduct in which the officer uses excessive force. Check out this overview to learn about the ways that police misconduct and brutality can impact your life.

Physical Injury 

Police misconduct involving brutality or assault often leads to various physical injuries. This may include bruises and contusions, lacerations, sprains and strains, and even broken bones or traumatic head injuries. However, unless you file a claim against the arresting officer for misconduct, you will most likely be stuck paying for any medical bills out of pocket.

Loss of Freedom 

Acts of misconduct by the police, such as unlawful arrests, racial profiling, and assault, directly violate your civil rights outlined by the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution. This may not only take away your civil liberties, but also take away your physical freedom, as being placed under arrest means you can no longer leave police custody of your own free will. Police misconduct and brutality can also lead to the loss of property, as police may confiscate any objects that you have on your person at the time of arrest.

Wrongful Criminal Convictions 

Unlawful searches, seizures, and arrests can all lead to a wrongful criminal conviction if you do not have the assistance of an experienced civil rights attorney. Contacting an attorney immediately after a false arrest or other instance of police misconduct can help you gain compensation for your injuries or civil violations and ensure that the incident does not result in a wrongful criminal conviction.

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