What Different Kinds of Actions Qualify as ‘Police Misconduct’?

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The job of the police is to protect and serve the people in their communities. In a perfect world, the police would never act inappropriately or abuse their power, but this is unfortunately not always the case. In the event of police misconduct, you should know your rights so that you can take action against that violation. Here are just a few of the actions that qualify as police brutality.

Illegal Search and Seizure 

Search and seizure is a complicated issue, but in general, the police must have a search warrant to conduct a search of your home or business. In most circumstances, if you do not give voluntary consent to the police, they cannot barge in and seize whatever they want. Police officers must go through the proper channels before they search and seize items from suspects.

Police Brutality 

One of the most extreme kinds of police misconduct is police brutality. Police officers, like anyone else, can become emotional and make poor judgment calls in regards to their behavior, sometimes turning unexpectedly violent. But as civil servants and enforcers of the peace, they must practice reasonable self-control. Beating or harassing a citizen without provocation is a serious civil rights violation, and you have every right to fight back with the help of a good lawyer against that violation.

Harassment and Racism 

Police officers are not allowed to verbally or physically harass citizens on the basis of their gender, race, or any other status. If you believe that you have been harassed or singled out because of your gender or race, you may have a case for police misconduct. Be sure to consult with a civil rights attorney to explain your situation so that the offenders can be brought to justice.

Denial of Medical Attention 

If you are in a situation with the police in which you are seriously injured, the police may not deny you medical attention regardless of the circumstances. The police are there to protect all citizens, and the denial of medical attention to an injured or sick person may constitute police misconduct.

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