Philadelphia Police Misconduct Lawyer: Helpful Resources Information on Police Misconduct

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Readers who enjoyed our recent look at communication with police and law enforcement brutality might like the following links about these interesting topics:

  • The University of Albany estimated that over 13,000,000 Americans are arrested across the country every year. Are you part of that number?
  • Most police-citizen interactions take place in the course of community caretaking. Click through to Police Chief Magazine to learn about this policy.
  • If police have reasonable suspicion that you may be armed, they have the right to stop and frisk you. The Department of Homeland Security website explains the legal issues involved in these stops.
  • The American Civil Liberties Union published a lengthy guide on how to prevent police brutality in your community.

If you have suffered injuries as a result of police overstepping their boundaries as law enforcement officials, contact a local police misconduct attorney. Philadelphians in need of legal representation should get in touch with the Law Office of Patrick Geckle by calling (215)-735-3326 or you may contact us online.  Our skilled staff can help you bring a case against the police department and receive damages.