When Is a Police Officer Allowed to Search Your Car?

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Police misconduct includes the unlawful stopping and searching of a vehicle. If a police officer searches your car with no probable cause, you should consult with a civil rights attorney regarding the violation of your Fourth Amendment right.

If your vehicle is stopped by law enforcement, remember your rights. Should a police officer ask you to exit your car, make sure to close your doors. An open car door becomes an easy target for a police search. Take note of what the police officer says to you. Law enforcement officials may ask confusing questions so that you inadvertently agree to something that by law you do not have to do. Should you knowingly or unknowingly consent to a search, you have given up your Fourth Amendment right.

Are you the victim of an unlawful car search? Patrick Geckle is a civil rights attorney who will see to it that you receive justice for your Fourth Amendment violation. To schedule a consultation with our reputable Philadelphia civil rights lawyers at our Philadelphia area office, please call (215)-735-3326 or contact us online.