Learn to Recognize Abuse Police Encounters and When to Speak With a Civic Rights Attorney

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learn-to-recognize-abuse-police-encounters-and-when-to-speak-with-a-civic-rights-attorneyIf you learned from our recent posts about police abuse and hiring a civil rights attorney, look through these related articles:

  • If you are stopped and questioned by police, an officer has the right to frisk the outside of your clothing if he or she suspects you may be armed. This is known as a Terry Frisk, and PoliceLink features an article about how it is used.
  • The Electronic Frontier Foundation, a champion of civil rights, explains the boundaries of searches incident to arrest.
  • In 2010, the Supreme Court held that interrogation suspects must unambiguously invoke their right to remain silent if they wish to do so.The Washington Post explains the option.
  • Police do not have to have a warrant to arrest someone so long as there are exigent circumstances surrounding the apprehension. The Federal Bureau of Investigation explains how recent judicial actions have interpreted this provision.
  • The American Civil Liberties Union published an informative brochure about citizens’ rights when they encounter law enforcement.

If you are a Pennsylvania resident whose rights have been abused by the police, contact the Law Office of Patrick Geckle, He is an experienced civil rights attorney who specializes in wrongful arrest and police brutality litigation. Call his Philadelphia office at (215)-735-3326 for a consultation about the strength of your case.