Learn More About Defending Your Rights in the Face of Police Misconduct And Brutality

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If you have found our recent articles on police misconduct and brutality interesting, and are concerned about protecting your own civil rights, then take a look at the informative resources listed below:

  • The National Lawyers Guild publishes a Know Your Rights booklet to help civilians deal with police interaction safely and legally.
  • Occupy Wall Street has given a voice to the 99% while also exposing widespread police brutality. This article from The Guardian talks about New York police misconduct.
  • MSNBC brings you the story of Daniel Chong—a UCSD student who was detained by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, and held without food or water for five days because the officers forgot about him.
  • Do you want to file a federal complaint about corrupt law enforcement officials? Check out the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division contact page for more information.
  • Police misconduct has plagued Pennsylvania for decades. Read this 2004 DOJ-funded study about Police Integrity and Accountability in Philadelphia.

Civil rights are essential to the American way of life. If you or a family member has been a victim of police brutality or corruption, seeking legal counsel might be the first step toward justice.  Contact the Philadelphia Law Office of Patrick Geckle to learn about building a case to prevent future brutality. Fight against police misconduct by calling our Philadelphia police brutality lawyers at (215)-735-3326 or contact us online.