Philadelphia Police Misconduct Lawyer Reports: 12 U.S. Border Guards Taser and Beat to Death a Recently-Deported Man

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In the midst of the heated debate surrounding immigration, it can be easy to forget the human faces of deported immigrants and the acts if police brutality that are occurring on a regular basis. For a glimpse into the reality of the enforcement of immigration laws, take a look at this news segment.

You’ll see footage of an undocumented immigrant, Anastasio Hernandez Rojas, being beaten and tased by Border Patrol officers as he lies on the ground, hands and feet bound. Rojas’s death from a heart attack was ruled a homicide by the coroner, but the Border Patrol will not comment on the incident.

Border Patrol agents used unnecessary and unwarranted force against Mr. Rojas, leading to his death. If you have been a victim of law enforcement misconduct in Philadelphia or South Jersey, call the Law Offices of Patrick Geckle at (215)-735-3326 to discuss your legal options or contact us online.