Philadelphia Police Misconduct Lawyers Discuss Local Police Officer Under Investigation

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A 32-year-old Philadelphia police officer is facing hard-hitting questions after employing tough fundraising tactics during a recent crackdown on unregistered vehicles. The officer, a nine year veteran of the force, stands accused of pressuring a driver to purchase tickets to an upcoming police charity event. The Police and Fire Hero Thrill Show raises money for college scholarships which are then presented to the children of slain police officers and firefighters.

Video footage taken by a driver shows the officer asking the driver and his passenger to purchase tickets to the event at $10 apiece. When the victims appear to decline, the officer informs both men that if they do not purchase three tickets he will “take” their car, which was unregistered. Moreover, the officer also allegedly made a homophobic comment about the driver and his passenger. Philadelphia Chief of Police, Charles Ramsay, confirms that the officer in this case – who is assigned to the 24th District – is now being investigated by Internal Affairs.

Philadelphia police misconduct lawyers note that although the vast majority of police officers are honest and ethical, the officer’s actions in this case can hardly be considered rare. Thousands of police officers will abuse their positions of authority each year according to the Cato Institute, leaving thousands of Americans victimized. Although the vast majority of police misconduct cases will involve excessive force, others examples of wrongdoing include allegations of fraud and making a false arrest.

The video footage taken by the driver has been viewed over one million times. According to Chief Ramsay, the police officer remains on desk duty while Internal Affairs conducts its investigation. Once Internal Affairs reveals its findings, the officer could face additional disciplinary measures, including criminal charges.

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