Philadelphia Police Brutality Lawyers Discuss Racial Profiling and False Arrest Case From Drexel University

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A recent case from Drexel University demonstrates that racial profiling is still alive in America. In 2011, a group of three African-American men was allegedly tracked by university police when they attempted to enter a public building on campus. The men claim they were doing nothing wrong. The university police claimed that the men were trying to use screwdrivers to open locked doors that night. One of the men claimed that an officer rammed him with a police cruiser, injuring him. When one of the men filed a lawsuit against Drexel University claiming false arrest, false imprisonment, negligence, and malicious prosecution, the claim was dismissed. Now, Philadelphia police brutality lawyers report that the men have another chance to take their case before the court because a state Superior Court panel reversed the first judge’s ruling.

Having a claim dismissed does not mean that you cannot continue to seek justice or compensation for your damages. Your lawyer can work with you to appeal a court decision that he or she feels was made in error.

What is False Arrest?

A false arrest occurs when law enforcement or an employee of a private security firm holds an individual without probable cause or arrest him or her or without a court order to do so. “Probable cause” is defined as any reasonable ground for arresting an individual, such as pulling over a driver who appears to be drunk by swerving in and out of lanes and failing to maintain a consistent speed.

Examples of Racial Profiling

In law, racial profiling is defined as the assumption that an individual has committed a crime or plans to commit a crime based on his or her race. A disparity in the police’s treatment of two individuals based on their races could be considered to be a form of racial profiling. Examples of racial profiling in law enforcement include:

  • When arresting a mixed-race group, using greater physical force on individuals of a certain race within the group
  • Firing shots or pointing a gun toward a suspect in a situation that would reasonably not involve a gun if the suspect was of another race
  • Policing prison inmates of one racial or ethnic group more harshly than others 

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