Philadelphia Civil Rights Lawyer: 5 Questions About Civil Rights Law that You Need to Know

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Encounters with law enforcement can be frightening and overwhelming. Regardless of involvement in any kind of illegal activity, every American citizen is afforded specific civil rights that cannot be violated by the police. The following five questions pertain to common occurrences of police misconduct, which constitutes a violation of the accused party’s rights. If you have experienced any of the following situations, consult with a civil rights attorney.

What if I was the victim of racial profiling? Unfortunately, police misconduct often occurs when law enforcement officials stop a vehicle solely because the driver is a person of color. This constitutes racial profiling, which is illegal and an abuse of a person’s civil rights.

What if my Miranda rights were not read to me? Your Miranda rights, or Miranda warning, must be read by a police officer if and when you are brought into police custody. Under these rights, you may remain silent, and you have the right to an attorney. If you are detained without these rights being read to you, police misconduct has occurred.

Can police interrogators coerce me to speak? No. As noted by your Miranda rights, you do not have to say anything to law enforcement. In most cases, legal experts agree that you should wait until your civil rights attorney is present to speak with the police.

Can police interrogators use physical force against me? Absolutely not. If you are not acting in an aggressive manner toward the police, they have no legal right to use excessive force against you, especially after you are brought into custody. To do so is police assault, and it is illegal.

Why should I call a civil rights attorney? Only a civil rights attorney can capably defend you against the police misconduct you may have suffered. Don’t let law enforcement officials intimidate you into unlawful compliance.

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